eLearning Modules Delivers Safety Training and Tests Results

Dimensions in Safety eLearning modules are safety training resources based on custom gamification and provided through a simple to use online forum.

About the Modules

These modules are a simpler version of our Safety Dimensions game. Each module is developed as a micro-learning opportunity to help deliver training to fill learning gaps. These tools provide effective site orientation and site safety training that targets unique safety issues and situations you and your employees might encounter daily.



How Custom eLearning Can Help

Have you determined you consistently have the same incident occurring on site? We can develop custom eLearning blasts to send out to your crew and ensure they comprehend the material using gamification, testing and reporting.

With integrated video, audio, and knowledge testing features, these modules are interactive and dynamic, which is optimal for best learning results. eLearning breaks large components of training down into manageable sections.

Orientation Training

The Benefits of Interactive Learning

Instead of handing a new employee a safety manual to read, they can sit down in front of a computer and work their way through customized eLearning. These courses walk them through information contained in the manual using terms they will understand.

eLearning has a level of reporting that reading material does not have. Managers can check employees’ progress for completion and determine areas that need clarification or elaboration.

If you're interested in changing the way you provide employee safety training or orientation, we're here to help!

Other Topics

Dimensions in Safety has partnered with Skill Dimensions Inc. to provide training in other areas of business such as Customer Service, Sales, Front Line sales, HR Management and any other topics you require. We can work to create custom graphic art and develop any online modules or curriculums you require. Examples of some of our work has been provided below.

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