Safety Manuals and Safety Compliance


At Dimensions in Safety, we know that not every company can afford to keep a safety officer on hand. We also know that doesn't mean you take worksite safety any less seriously, so we'll work with you and your team to help develop your safety program.

We see safety differently: it's not black and white. Safety manuals are intended to be dynamic and use subject matter experts - your employees - to determine best practices. Our goal is to highlight the skill your team has and ensure we capture this knowledge in a manual for future crew members to learn from.

Once a custom manual has been developed, we can also work with you to complete any pre-qualification packages you may need help with. We are also very familiar with most online safety compliance software systems. We can help ensure you present your company correctly on safety compliance systems and we can help take the headache out of this step in getting work.

Take advantage of effective, custom developed safety programs with our manuals.

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